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The View from the Lot

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lets us be heard this Sunday

Well here it is Wednesday and I am still harboring a lot of anger about that debacle on Monday night against the Philadelphia Eagles.

However there was one takeaway from that game I intend to fully utilize in the stands of Bank of America stadium this Sunday. I was watching the game from the acoustically perfect living room of Dan the Wingman. During the early part of the game when the Panthers were winning and the Eagles looked lost, I could not help from being engulfed in the Dolby Digital world of the booing Philly fan. They were loud and brutal to that Eagles team. When Jeff Garcia went down, you could hear the calls for AJ Feely. It was actually quite a beautiful thing to hear them turn on their team. In the Carolinas, our media generally criticize the fan base when the boo birds come out.

But in what I deem a bizarre twist of events, I actually am finding a moniker of respect for those battery throwing, finger pointing, asshole chanting, Rocky loving degenerates of the northeast. They made it quite clear to the Eagles players, coaches and ownership that the product on the field that night was not up to par. As the game progressed, Jeff Garcia got better. Their Defense stepped it up. The Eagles became a better them in the fourth quarter which is precisely the thing you do not want to see as a Panther fan because our team consistently becomes a lousy team during the final 15 minutes of play.

We as the fans of the Carolina Panthers need to show up in force and we need to be extremely critical of all mistakes. We have playoff ticket bills due on December 11th. We need to demand this team perform at a level that actually gives us a shot at actually using those tickets. My box of unused playoff tickets is becoming full. If 70,000 fans lay into this team in unison this Sunday when the Panthers face the New York Giants, I honestly believe it can make a difference. The 12th man is not always about cheering the team to victory. Sometimes it can also be about waking the team up from their defeatist nap.