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The View from the Lot

Friday, September 22, 2006

Pewter Politics

I have always resisted mentioning anything along the lines of politics with my rants as I want to always focus on the game of football and being a fan. But sometimes the material just comes to you. Like yesterday, our own sitting President of the United States George W. Bush visited the Tampa Bay Buccaneers practice facility, gave some advice to the team and also played a little catch with the Tampa quarterback Chris Simms. According to coach Jon Gruden the experience was quite captivating

"It's great, though, to get some advice from the president of the United States. It's a little different when the coach is telling you to do this or do that. You have the president come and give you some advice, that's something you gotta listen to," Gruden said.


"Hopefully it works. If it doesn't work out this week, he can call the president to see what happened."

To listen to Jon's spin on things, it would appear President Bush must have delivered some Knute Rockne like advice to the team as they prepare to do battle with the Carolina Panthers. Here is one nugget of wisdom from our Commander in Chief to the Pewter Pirates

"Never give up," Bush said Thursday when asked what he told the Bucs during a half-hour visit to the team's training facility near Raymond James Stadium, where the president delivered a fundraising speech to about 400 people in a VIP club area.

 Coach Gruden would not go into specifics on what else the President said. However with just 40 minutes to talk, sign autographs, go a little too crazy over Michael Pittman's bi-ceps and get back on the campaign money trails for Florida republicans Charlie Crist and Gus Bilirakis, it probably was not any more enlightening then never give up.

I wish I could have found out more on what the President had to say to the Buc's team. But then I started thinking that if he is having trouble getting a handle on the Iraq situation, how in the hell is he going to get his hands around the Tampa Bay Buc's offense? (I know, casting stones yada yada yada). However for the first time in his second term, Bush has accomplished something I am totally in favor of. He helped squander an entire day of practice for the Buc's the week they have to play the Panthers. Way to go Mr. President!!!


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