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The View from the Lot

Monday, August 14, 2006

Dog Days of Summer

Are the dog days of summer really over? Just last week I was thinking that global warming was not just something that lacked any sort of controversy, but that it was 100 years ahead of schedule. And then much to my surprise I awake Saturday morning to a nice cool rain shower that did not include Gail force winds or tree shattering lightning strikes. And upon the conclusion of the precipitation the local climate lacked the superheated consistency of a malfunctioning Finnish sauna. All summer long I have been constantly body punched by the Carolina heat, the constant crapola in the Middle East and just the general day to day struggles of supporting a middle class family in 21st century America.

However just like that cool wind that came out of nowhere yesterday, football and tailgating season always arrives at the right time. After packing up the Jeep and prepping the grill for the game, there was nothing that could bother me. Not a crying baby upstairs or a Hezbollah rocket attack on the other side of the world. When gameday comes, I know it is all about hanging out with a bunch of great friends both new and old all with the same purpose, to watch some football and have a great time. It is very rare in today's world where people from different walks of life can have a common goal. We seem to be too preoccupied with our differences to sit down and rejoice in the things that bind us together. Over the years I have found that the parking lot erases those walls of division and brings all sorts of people together. It does not even matter what team you root for. We have always opened up our party to the opposing fans and each time it has been an awesome experience. Hell, give me a beef brisket after 8 hours in the smoker, a keg of cold beer and one healthy dose of former NFL cheerleaders walking around the lot I could get a group of Shiites and Sunni's dancing in the streets hand in hand.

So it is only the middle of August here in sunny Carolina and those dogs of summer will be coming back to visit a few times more. But with one game behind us it is time to start getting ready for those Cool Cats to strut in and take us to and well beyond the end of the regular season. Forget all that talk about the Superbowl, right now for us in the tailgate lot is all about home field advantage in the playoffs. Charlotte has yet to experiance a 12 game home schedule. We are ready for it...

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