Welcome to the 2008 Tailgating Season!


Documenting Carolina Panther Tailgating since 1999...  America is a free country, but unfortunately tailgating is not!  Our Tailgate flourishes due to the rabid support of our dedicated Fanz base as well as the new friends that join us!  Keep the party going by making a donation to the PantherFanz Tailgate Tip Jar and keep the best party in the lot going!!  Make an offering in the virtual Tailgate Tip Jar by clicking on the Make A Donation button located on the upper left hand side of this page!  Put some bread in the jar! Thanks for your support!!!


Panther Fan Sites

Carolina Growl  - Panther News and Fan message board

Pantherspride - Home of the Black and Blue Bowl

Catmans House - Home of Catman

Pantherfreaks - Panther fan blog site

Panther Coalition News and Fan Message board

Warcats - Panther site hosted on NFL Fans network

PanthersFanz - Good forum even though they squatted on our name

Panthers Lair - A message forum for Panther fans

Third Down Man - Always trying to get the fans fired up

DC Panthers Fans - Website for Panthers fans in Nations Capital

Cat Crave - All the Panther news that is fit to blog

Carolina Panthers Fan Site - as it says...

Fellow Tailgating Groups

Big Blue BBQ - Awesome tailgate group or the NY football Giants

Fanbulance - Great Group of tailgaters down in Atlanta

Roaring Riot - Panthers Fans Group that is building chapters across the country

Tailgating Hall of Fame - A coalition of super tailgaters from across the nation!

Arrowhead  Assault Vehicle  Chiefs Super Fan, listed here becuase we had a supreme blast in KC!

Bolt Pride  Fellow tailgaters, treated us like familia


Other Tailgating Sites

Commissioner of Tailgating – Joe Cahn

Tailgater Monthly – The one and only true tailgating magazine and digital publication

TheTailgater.com – The monthly tailgating webzine

American Tailgaters Association - Yes an Association for Tailgating!

Quest for 31 - Hans Steiniger visits all 31 NFL Stadiums - check out his reviews here


Pro Football News

ESPN.com All the news that is the NFL news!

Pro Football Talk - Check out the rumor mill!

CBS Sportsline  Latest NFL News

NFL.com  The Official NFL site